Sharon Lovejoy

Educational and Gardening Resources


  1. For Educators, Master Gardeners, Homeschool Parents, and any adult who works with children including handouts by Sharon Lovejoy.

  2. Birds of North America Online by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Finding the information you need has never been faster or more comprehensive including an image gallery, sound, and video. Search through over 700 species by common name, scientific name, or keywords.

  3. Insect Jukebox-Sounds of Insects

  4. Garden and Nature Organizations

  5. Youth Garden Education Programs

  6. Publications

  7. Inspirational Henry Beston Quote


  1. School garden case study (approx. 26 minutes) from Casis Elementary School as seen on Central Texas Gardener on KLRU-TV in Austin.

  2. List of Children's Gardens in North America

  3. Product Test Results

  4. Plant and Garden Suppliers

  5. Beneficial Insect Suppliers

  6. North American Butterfly Association

  7. Seed & Plant Companies

  8. Greenhouses. Everything one needs to know about greenhouses by Shane Smith, Director of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and author of Greenhouse Gardener's Companion.

  9. Garden Blethers from the Scottish Highlands